Proper Bowling Stance

Looking for information on the proper bowling stance? If your stance is incorrect, your entire follow through is going to be off, which is likely going to prevent you from getting that strike that you are hoping for. Although it may take some practice on your part, mastering the proper bowling stance can have a huge impact on your game. If you have ever watched professional bowling on television, you should have noticed that although they all have different pre-shot routines, the bowling stance that they use is very similar.

  1. Positioning your feet. The first step in lining up for the proper bowling stance is knowing where you want to position your feet. This is something that you should think about before you even step foot onto the approach surface.
  2. Your feet and the target. Once you know where you want to position your feet, go ahead and place them so that your feet are lined up with your target. In order to give yourself the most amount of stability and balance, try to place your feet about one lane board apart.
  3. Flexing your knees. Flexing your knees is a huge part of the proper bowling stance that many people ignore. Once you have your feet situated, go ahead and flex your knees slightly forward. By flexing your knees, you will be putting the large muscles in your legs to work, which will give you some leverage during your follow through. It is very important that you keep your knees slightly flexed until you release the ball at the foul line.
  4. Your shoulders and your knees. Now that you have slightly flexed your knees, you will want to lean your body forward until your shoulders and your knees match up. For most people, that means leaning forwards ten to fifteen degrees. Another huge aspect of the proper bowling stance is to hold your bowling ball close to your body once you have leaned forward. By doing that, you are going to relax the muscles in your arms, which will help you with your delivery.
  5. Keep your chin up. The final step in ensuring that you have the proper bowling stance is to keep your head level and your chin up. You want your head to be pointing in the same direction that your feet are, which is towards your target. Although it can be difficult, try to not move your head during your delivery. Remember, you want to get that strike on your first shot, so keep your eyes focused on your target.
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