Propranolol Side Effects

Wondering what the Propranolol side effects could be? It is advisable that you understand the basic Propranolol side effects before you begin taking this medication.  Like many medications, this drug can be used to help treat many conditions; however it still may have side effects that can affect you.  Propranolol is used to treat many conditions including:  high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, chest pain, migraine headaches and abnormal heart rhythms. It is classified as a beta blocker. The most common Propranolol side effects are the following.

  1. Dizziness. This is the major side effect that goes along with this medication. Taking it a bedtime may help
  2. Difficulty sleeping. If the medication does not make you dizzy, you may want to take it earlier in the day to keep it from interfering with your sleep if this is a side effect that becomes an issue.
  3. Excessive tiredness. Yes, when it comes to sleep, Propranolol may make you feel tired, sleepy or keep you from sleeping. This can vary in each person. 
  4. Upset stomach, Vomiting or Constipation. Any of these common digestive problems can occur while taking this medication.
  5. Rash. If the rash becomes severe, inform your physician. 
  6. Difficulty breathing, swelling of the feet and hands, unusual weight gain, chest pain, slow or irregularly heart beat or sore throat. These are what are considered the more serious or severe side effects that may occur while taking these medication.  If these side effects occur, you should consult your physician. If you experience difficulty breathing, chest pain or if an irregularly heart beat becomes troublesome, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Propranolol is a medication that does help many people lead more productive lives.  Yet, like any medication it can have side effects.  Don’t be afraid to take this medication if it is needed, just be aware of what side effects could occur while you take it.

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