Pros And Cons Of The XBox 360 Vs. The PS3

If you are considering a new video game system, here are the pros and cons of the Xbox 360 vs. the PS3. As the games for these systems are becoming more and more versatile, they are becoming must-have devices for most entertainment lovers, whether you play video games or not. While there may not seem like a lot of difference between each console, serious gamers have pros and cons for each, helping you to determine which one you should purchase.

  1. Number of games? According to Ken Savage's article comparing the Xbox 360 and the the PS3, Japanese gamers were more excited about the PS3. Why does this matter? Well, Japanese gamers know video games like Americans know football. That is to say, when they like one type of system more, the industry tends to go that way. Expect more video games on PS3, though this doesn't mean the Xbox 360 will lack quality video games.
  2. That whole Blu-Ray thing. The biggest selling point for PS3 is that they have a Blu-Ray player imbedded in them, allowing people to get a versatile gaming system as well as a Blu-Ray player that plays Blu-Ray DVDs on a Blu-Ray television. XBox 360 does not have this. What's more, the PS3 can store things on Blu-Ray discs (54 gigabytes) while the Xbox 360 can only store on double sided DVDs (9 gigabytes). While this isn't a factor right now, it may be a factor later on.
  3. Both systems are close on processing power. They both clock in a 3.2 gigahertz, though the PS3 can process 51 billion dots per second while the Xbox 360 can only process 33.6 billion dots per second. Most people can only eat one package of Dots before they feel sick… wait, what? Anyway, the PS3 seems to hold a slight edge in this category as well.
  4. Comfy controllers or no controllers are key. However, despite all the speed and dot eating, erm, processing capabilities, which system is more comfortable to play. The XBox 360 has larger controllers which are easy to grip, while the PS3 controllers are small and more difficult to use, especially if you have big hands. While the PS3 now has a Wii-like controller which allows your movements to play into the game, the XBox 360 is also a step ahead, by eliminating the controller all together and having the console detect your movements when you stand in front of it.
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