Prostatitis Symptoms

If you suffer from mysterious ailments in your private quarters, you may be experiencing prostatitis symptoms. Prostatitis is an infection in the prostate gland that spreads out to other areas of the pelvic region. This gland makes the semen your sperm need to survive. When it isn't working properly, there can be problems. Your sperm count may be low or you may experience chronic pain.

  1. Painful urinations and ejaculations: If you find yourself screaming in pain while attempting to urinate or ejaculate, you may have this prostatitis symptom. The gland is located right under your bladder. The infection can spread to the bladder and cause tremendous pain. It may also affect your groin and genitals, which triggers painful ejaculations. This may not be a good thing when you’re trying to bring one home for the team.
  2. Flu symptoms: Unfortunately, prostatitis can mimic the flu. You may feel run down and tired. A fever may be caused by the infection as well. Other flu-like symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and body aches. Before you grab the Theraflu, speak with a medical professional. If an acute bacterial infection is causing your symptoms, you may need an antibiotic. Acute means your infection came on suddenly.
  3. Urgent need to pee: This infection may cause you to run for the potty every few minutes or so. You'll feel the urge to go, even when you really don't have to urinate. At times, you won't be able to do anything at all. This symptom of prostatitis worsens at night. Don't plan on getting up early. After being up all night, you might consider wearing a Depend undergarment to get some sleep.
  4. Lower back pain: If an infection spreads to the kidneys, you may feel pain in your lower back. The prostate, bladder and all other urinary system organs are connected. An infection can begin in one area and quickly spread out to others. It is recommended that you contact your doctor immediately if you feel any type of discomfort or pain in this location.
  5. Pain in the scrotum: Pain in the scrotum and rectum are common symptoms of this condition and others. Your scrotum contains your testes. These tiny little organisms make all the sperm you’ll ever need in life. However, if they become infected by prostatitis or some other cause, you may find yourself shooting blanks. You can feel pain in the rectum due to its location. Since it's located in front of the gland, doctors may check your prostate by inserting a finger inside the rectum. Although this may be an uncomfortable thought, it's a way to diagnose an infection in the prostate gland.

Infections in the scrotum, bladder and prostate gland are serious conditions for men. Always report your symptoms to a physician. The doctor will find the cause of your symptoms and prescribe the correct treatment.

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