Prostitution Statistics

Here are surprising prostitution statistics you may not have been aware of. Some consider prostitution as the oldest living profession, but it’s also an illegal profession. There are many risks that come with prostitution. For example, a deadly sexually transmitted disease can be contracted when prostituting. The ultimate price can also be paid: prostitutes have lost their lives trying to making a living.

  1. The age range of females entering prostitution is between 13 to 18 years old. Girls as young as 12 years of age that have been found prostituting. When sex trafficking is involved, the age is often much younger. Over two million girls a year fall prey to sex trafficking.
  2. How many countries have legalized prostitution? Even though prostitution is illegal, countries like Mexico, Australia, Germany and Greece find prostitution to be legal. Prostitutes can walk the streets freely without running the risk of being arrested for soliciting sex. However, that doesn’t protect prostitutes from being raped, robbed, beaten or murdered. Statistics show that prostitution is more of a problem in foreign countries like Japan.

  3. What is the murder rate for prostitution? Statistics have shown that over 200 prostitutes per 100,000 are murdered each year. Street prostitutes are estimated to be at a 60 percent higher risk of being victimized than call girls or prostitutes that work in a brothel or escort service.
  4. Which statistics show the reason why most girls turn to prostitution? Most females that have turned to prostitution have been abused in some form either physically, emotionally or sexually abused, molested by a family member or family friend or raped. When forced into prostitution at an early age, it just becomes a way of life that's hard to get out of. Forty percent of prostitutes are raped and forced to perform sexual acts.

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