Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

When incorporated into a well balanced diet, protein shakes can help you in your weight loss journey as you can see with these protein shakes for weight loss. As a meal replacement, protein shakes keep you fuller longer, which helps reduce excessive and unhealthy snacking between meals. However, warns against relying solely on protein shakes for weight loss, since they can cause unwanted weight gain and do not have the same nutritional benefits of whole foods.

  1. Slim Fast. Slim Fast shakes contain an average of 10 g of protein per serving; the high-protein options contain up to 15 g of protein. If you decide to follow the Slim Fast diet, you consume two of these meal replacement shakes per day in addition to other high-protein foods. The pre-made canned shakes, Slim Fast’s staple product since the diet's inception, come in eight flavors, with two low-carb options and one high-protein variety.
  2. Special-K. Special-K protein shakes come in the traditional flavors of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Each shake contains 10 g of protein and 15 g of fiber.  However, they have a high sugar content of 18 g. Like Slim Fast, Special-K has many high-protein products in addition to its shakes that make weight loss menu planning easier.
  3. Gatorade. Stage three of Gatorade's "G Series," Recovery, is a protein shake that has 15 g of protein. Like the Special-K shakes, the Gatorade Recovery shakes come in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. You can consume Gatorade protein shakes as a meal replacement in a weight loss plan, but they are primarily intended for post-workout muscle recovery and electrolyte replenishment.
  4. Muscle Milk. Contrary to its name, Muscle Milk protein shakes do not contain any milk or dairy ingredients, making them a feasible option if you have lactose intolerance or a milk allergy. Muscle Milk products contain up to 30 g of protein, depending on the variety you choose.
  5. GNC. GNC sells its brand protein shakes in both ready-to-drink and powder varieties in six flavors. With 9 g of protein per serving, you can consume the shakes as a meal replacement or for post-workout recovery.
  6. Boost. Boost high-protein shakes contain 15 g of protein per bottle, and they are available in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors. You should enjoy Boost shakes as a meal replacement due to their high sugar content.
  7. Nature’s Plus. If you are vegetarian, then Nature’s Plus Fruitein protein shake powder is for you. It provides 13 g of protein per serving, which is made up of rice, pea, and soy protein. You can mix it with water for a quick, filling snack or with milk for a meal replacement.
  8. Myoplex. In the same vein as Gatorade and Muscle Milk, Myoplex protein shakes contain high quality protein for post-workout recovery. Myoplex Original contains 42 g of protein. The Lite and Carb Control versions contain significantly less fat, sugar and calories, which make them better options for meal replacement and weight loss.
  9. Ensure. Ensure Muscle Health shakes contain 13 g of protein to strengthen muscles and keep you full. You can choose from four flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana.
  10. Jay Robb. Jay Robb whey protein powder contains zero fat, sugar or gluten. Unlike other low-sugar or sugar-free protein powders and shakes, Jay Robb protein contains zero artificial sweeteners, using all-natural stevia as a sweetener instead. It contains 25 g of protein per serving, making it a viable option for both weight loss meal replacement or post-workout recovery.


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