Provera Side Effects

Looking to find out about Provera side effects? Provera is a medication used to treat abnormal vaginal bleeding and irregular menstrual periods. Some individuals who are taking Provera may experience mild side effects, such as acne, weight gain, spotting or missed periods, and hot flashes. More serious side effects such as hives, itchiness, and tightness in the chest will need to be treated by a health care provider as soon as possible as these can indicate an allergic reaction. 

  1. Acne. Because Provera can cause hormonal changes in the body, acne may be a side effect associated with taking the drug. If you are experiencing acne or an oily face, it is advised that you wash your face and keep it clean on a regular basis to prevent breakouts. 
  2. Spotting or missed periods. The hormonal changes occurring in the body when taking Provera can also cause irregular bleeding or spotting in between periods, especially in the beginning. Missed periods are also not uncommon. 
  3. Hot flashes. Another common side effect associated with taking Provera may include hot flashes that occur without warning. Symptoms of hot flashes can include warmth felt in the neck and face, sweating, and sudden nausea. 
  4. Weight gain. Patients taking Provera may experience mild weight gain when taking Provera. Some patients may experience weight loss, although weight gain is more common when taking the drug. 
  5. Nausea. Stomach upset and nausea are common side effects of taking Provera. If nausea continues or is accompanied by vomiting, consult a doctor promptly. 
  6. Severe allergic reaction. In rare instances, taking Provera can bring on a severe allergic reaction. Hives, facial swelling, problems breathing, shortness of breath, pain in chest, and dizziness are all signs of a severe allergic reaction that should be treated as soon as possible. 
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