PS3 Controller Problems

Some of the most common video game troubleshooting has to do with PS3 controller problems. There are various different types of issues with the PS3 controller. Here are a few of the most common problems and how to troubleshoot them.

One of the most common PS3 controller problems is when all they do is blink four lights continuously, and never "connect" to the console. The best way to fix one of these PS3 controller problems is to  re-sync the controllers If that doesn't work then try resetting the controller by using  the small little button in the back of the controller.Worse case scenario to fix one of these annoying PS3 controller problems just plug in controller to your video game system with your USB cord.

Another one of the most common PS3 controller problems is joystick malfunction. the joystick malfunctioning is one of the more annoying PS3 controller problems out there because it will cause your camera angles or character movements to continuously go in circles. What usually causes PS3 controller problems such as this one is a buildup of dirt, saliva, crumbs, and other such crud in the joystick compartment. To get rid of these PS3 controller problems you must take the back off of the controller and clean out the inside just be careful not to damage the springs inside each joystick.

The last of the three most common PS3 controller problems is the controller batter not holding a charge. This happens when a battery is dead. There is nothing you can really do to fix this other than getting a new battery,but you can avoid PS3 controller problems like this by only charging when the battery is almost completely dead and charging the battery until it is completely full.

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