Ps3 Slim Problems

Most every gamer has run into at least one of the Ps3 Slim's problems, since the machine's release. The Playstation 3 Slim is Sony's answer to the complaints of many gamers about the high price of the original Playstation 3. The original Ps3 was not without it's faults and while many of them were addressed in the Ps3 Slim iteration, the Slim too has it's own problems. Gamers are used to having less than perfect products on the market, but it doesn't mean they have to like it. From the xBox's red ring of death, to Sony's recent failure to keep their online services operating, there's so many ways for your system to fail on you.

  1. No backwards compatibility. Unlike the earlier incarnations of the Playstation 3, there is no ability to use Playstation 2 games. As we get further away from the last generation this becomes less and less of a sticking issue with consumers.
  2. Weak casing. To cut down on costs a cheaper form of plastic was used on the exterior of the Ps3 Slim. This can lead to cosmetic breaks and snaps in the exterior, and given time, can allow for dust and other particles to reach the inner workings. If this happens your Ps3 Slim can be damaged and may no longer work.
  3. A slow disc reader. There have been reports that the disc reader on the Ps3 Slim is slower than the original Ps3. This has also lead to the disc reader shutting down completely, essentially turning your Ps3 Slim into an expensive brick.
  4. Overheating. The smaller size means that Playstation had to skimp on the fan and pack the internal equipment much closer together. If you use your Ps3 Slim for hours on end it is not unlikely your machine will shut down due to heat, and require time to cool. However, overheating can also cause internal soldering to melt, and make the system completely unusable.
  5. Freezing. There are many reasons for your Ps3 to experience freezing. From bad game programming, to a faulty system, you are likely to experience this at least once while playing your Ps3 Slim.
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