Ps3 Tricks

The Playstation 3 gaming system has some PS3 tricks that are available to everyone but are not necessarily publicized. The PS3 3 is not coded for regions. This means that you can play games from any country without the software realizing that you have acquired it from a different locale. The Playstation 2 recognizes regions, so this can be a good asset for avid Playstation 3 gamers to acquire games at international prices.

  1. The Playstation 3's video functions can be reset by rebooting the system. Push the power button and hold it for five seconds until it beeps at you. The PS3 will then boot in its native 480p format. This is useful if you frequently carry your Playstation 3 between different television and multimedia setups.
  2. Another trick of the Playstation 3 is the ability to make phone calls. Use a headset and camera paired with the web browser to use services to engage in video chat for nothing. 
  3. Playstation 3 allows users to download game saves. This is useful if you just can't seem to get past a certain mission or part of a game. Simply use a search engine to find a game save where someone made it past the part you are trying to achieve. Move it over to the PS3 via a USB flash drive and continue on your way.
  4. Using the Playstation 3's operating system, a user can install compatible versions of Linux, thus turning the PS3 into a fully functional computer. Ubuntu is a good Linux version to start. All of this is achievable by simply using the Playstation 3's own operating system. The PS3 can operate as a dual-boot system, allowing you to use it as a normal PS3 or boot into Linux for full computer functionality.
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