Ps3 Yellow Light Of Death Fix

PS3 users need to learn the PS3 yellow light of death fix. The problem occurs less frequently than the similar Xbox problem, but it can be more difficult to fix than the Xbox problem. A person should attempt to fix the yellow light only if they know that their console is no longer under warranty. If it is no longer under warranty, then a person can proceed safely.

Things You Will Need to Fix the PS3 Yellow Light of Death:

  • Temperature Controlled Heat Gun
  • Pure Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Phillip's Head Screwdriver
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Philips head or Torx Screwdriver
  • Compressed Air Duster
  1. Look for the sticker on the unit that says “Warranty Void if Label Removed.” Remove it. Peel back the label. Use the torx screwdriver or the flat head screwdriver to remove the cover.
  2. Take off the cover. Turn the PS3 upside down and remove all the phillps head screws from the bottom. Take the cover off and pull it towards you. Avoid breaking it. Tilt the cover upward slightly until you can find a ribbon. Detach the ribbon from the assembly carefully.
  3. Move the Bluray DVD player upwards. You should now see a metal plate with more phillips head screw drivers. Remove these as well. Take off the plate and disconnect the wide ribbon blue tooth connector. Remove additional screws until you can get to the hard drive. Remove the had drive.
  4. Check the area around the power supply. If it is dusty or dirty, get out the isopropyl alcohol. Place it on a damp cloth and clean the area around it and remove any heat sink compound.
  5. Take a compressed air duster and remove the dust from the inside of the case, the heat sink and the fans. The process will not work if too much dust is left on any  of these components.
  6. Take the motherboard out and put it on a heat resistant surface. Plug the gun in and let it reach the required temperature. Take the gun over the four large resistors on the CPU side. Let it cool for fifteen to twenty minutes. Turn the motherboard over afterward and repeat the procedure to the other side of the same four chips in the center. Do not worry if you hear a pop or two during the process as this is normal. Reassemble the PS3 and test the item. If you do not get the PS3 yellow light of death, you have done your job correctly.
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