Ps3 Yellow Light Of Death

As many owners of the PS3 will attest, the PS3 Yellow Light of Death, (or as it’s known to gamers: "YLOD") will ruin any gamers night. Most of the time, the yellow light of death is caused by the system overheating, and improper ventilation, which causes the various components and chips to become detached from the main motherboard. Though the yellow light of death can be one of the signs of a problem, it can also be followed by a flashing red light, three sharp beeps, and maybe even the PS3 refusing to even startup at all.

There are millions of people online trying to sell the cure for the PS3 yellow light of death, unfortunately for many frustrated gamers out there, most of them either require some working knowledge of how electronics work, or it requires the user to void the warranty on the game system. Just as a note, if the PS3 is still under warranty, simply return it to Sony, and they will fix it. This keeps the warranty from becoming voided, and the PS3 is guaranteed to get fixed correctly. Unfortunately, Sony makes the owner pay $150 to fix the problem, which is essentially Sony’s fault in the first place.  On the other hand, if the warranty is already expired, than the alternatives of getting it fixed by a professional, could cost the owner almost as much as the PS3 itself, in some cases.  As we all know, the cheaper the better, and if the owner can fix it themselves, than why wouldn’t they do it?

Heat got the PS3 into trouble, but ironically heat will fix it as well. The aim of fixing the yellow light of death is to heat up the components until they fall back into place. This usually requires a heat gun that will be able to heat up to around 500 degrees ferinheight, which means kids should stay well away from this, and get their parents to fix it for them. If the owner is able to use one of these guns, and they happen to have one, than the fix for the yellow light of death isn’t all that complicated.  

One of the questions gamers will automatically ask is, “Will I lose all of my game data?”. This is a funny question. Should the owner send it off to Sony, the company for some reason will erase absolutely everything on the HDD, but if the owner does the fix themselves, no data will be erased at all. It’s as if Sony adds injury to insult while fixing something that they manufactured incorrectly in the first place. On top of all of that, the yellow light of death can, and almost assuredly will, come back again, especially if it’s not well ventilated or stored incorrectly. One more additional piece of information about why fixing the yellow light of death at home is actually better than giving it back to the company who made it, is that the owner can be playing their system within two to three hours, as opposed to Sony, who will have it back to the owner in about four to six weeks. It’s ironic that the choice to do the fix at home is a lot better than the option of getting the yellow light of death repaired by the company who has it under warranty.

Whatever Sony’s reasoning for this is unclear, but sadly it’s the gamer that has to pay for something that isn’t their fault. The best free method of fixing the yellow light of death is to do a search for a guide created by a man named Gilksy. He had to repair his PS3 multiple times, and created a guide just for users who were frustrated that their gaming system of choice has failed them. He also has several YouTube videos that show the method step by step. Soon the PS3 yellow light of death will be fixed and the owner of the PS3 will be playing their favorite game, with all of their data intact, in as little as 2 hours.

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