Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

There are two common forms of erectile dysfunction: psychogenic erectile dysfunction and systemic erectile dysfunction. While the two conditions produce the same results, they have two completely different causes. Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is caused from psychological or emotional factors, whereas systemic erectile dysfunction is caused by physical complications. In most cases, psychogenic erectile dysfunction is not permanent and can be treated with medications and other treatments.

Due to the fact that psychogenic erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological and emotional problems, an underlying problem is most often the cause of stress. As stressful events throughout life occur and continue to build over time, men often find themselves experiencing the consequences within their sex life. While the effects of psychological erectile dysfunction can last for prolonged periods of time, the condition is completely treatable. Typically, once the stressful events of life have passed, the condition dissipates on it’s own, without the need of treatment. However, in some cases treatment is needed to assist the stress relieving process.

The underlying cause of the stress must first be treated. This can be done using a sex therapist and other forms of therapy to overcome the psychological and emotional complications. A sex therapist is often used to help a man with this condition overcome his sexual obstacles. A sex therapist can evaluate the situation and provide a specialized course of treatment. Psychotherapists are used to help overcome the psychological and emotional complications that are causing the stress, resulting in psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

While men undergo treatment for psychogenic erectile dysfunction, prescribed medications can also be used to aid with treatment and to relieve the symptoms caused by the condition. There are numerous medications available. A consultation with a health care provider can help choose which course of prescription treatment is most beneficial for an individual.

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