Public Paintball Fields In San Francisco

There are a number of public paintball fields in San Francisco if you want to go out and play. The paintball fields can provide the paintballer with a place to go with friends and let loose on the court. Not only that, but a lot of these paintball fields offer rentals and paintball purchases so you do not have to go far to get the equipment you need for the game if you do not own any.

  1. Sunol Outdoor Paintball Field. The only down size to this paintball field is that they are always hosting large parties. This can be a problem if you want to get a small section to play with a few of your friends. They offer affordable prices for all day game play. 7900 Vallecitos Rd. Sunol, CA 94586.
  2. Paintball Jungle. This is the best place to go if you’re a hardcore paintballer. There are only two refs out on the field, but you can make due if you play a lot. Their prices are competitive and they give offers to those who are regular visitors. 2 Eucalyptus Dr. American Canyon, CA 94503.
  3. Thirty First Outfitters Paintball. The manager of this field is really laid back, and can explain the ins and outs of paitballing to a beginner. This is one of the best things about this field. It is recommended for those people who want to learn more about the game without becoming easily frustrated. 615 Petaluma Blvd N. Petaluma, CA 94952.
  4. Cutting Edge Paintball. This paintball field is the best to go to if you want paintball gear advice. They offer all the latest gear, guns, and paintballs. This is something that a lot of new paintballers might want to know when visiting. 176 Race St. San Jose, CA 95126.
  5. Midway Paintball Facility. This field has all you need for long range shots and playing. It is also another recommended paintball field to those who are new to the paintball scene. They have affordable prices, great fields, and paintball rentals. 4901 Midway Rd.Vacaville, CA 95688.
  6. Santa Clara Paintball. This might not be the paintball field to go to if you do not like being put with another group of people. They mash them all together, and it is pretty chaotic, but fun nevertheless. It is great for those people who have smaller groups and want to meet up with others. 2542 Monterey Hwy. San Jose, CA 95111.
  7. Sherwood Forest Paintball. There are three fields here so you have much to choose from. Two of which are just with obstacles and open field. One of them is woods mostly. Depending on the type of game you want to play, and the size of the group you have, one might be a better option over another. 2 Eucalyptus Dr.American Canyon, CA 94503.
  8. American Paintball Park. This is a wide open field with some obstacles throughout it. The best part about this park is that for $2 you can get 2 hotdogs and a bag of chips for lunch. This is definitely a place you can stay and play all day. 1230 Greenville Rd. Livermore, CA 94550.



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