Puffer Fish Facts

If you're looking for the cutest fish with the most personality, then you may want to learn about puffer fish facts. The puffer fish is a unique little fish that has a lot of personality and attributes, but in order to know more about it, you need the puffer fish facts list. Here are a few puffer fish facts that you may not have been aware of.

  1. Keeping safe from prey. One of the many puffer fish facts is that the puffer fish has an ability to keep itself safer from prey by ingesting a large amount of water and "blowing up" their stomachs. Not only does this make them harder to eat, some puffer fish use a spiny skin to make themselves less appetizing to predators.
  2. Poison. Most puffer fish have a toxin in their body that is poisonous when ingested. This poison is called tetrodotoxin and not only does it taste unappetizing, it can kill other fish as well. You may have heard about this poison being lethal for human to ingest as well although many people eat it. This brings us to our next part of the puffer fish facts.
  3. Delicacy. The puffer fish is a delicacy even though its poison will kill a person if ingested and there is not a single antidote to help them. When a person consumes puffer fish, in order to not eat the deadly toxin the fish has to be prepared by a skilled chef that knows exactly what he is doing and can cut only the good meat out of the fish. Even this is a risk since many die each year from ingesting puffer fish meat. It is also very expensive so part of the thrill may be knowing that you are flirting with death and you could afford to do so.
  4. Species. There are over 120 species of the puffer fish. Some of the puffer fish with the most personality are the dog faced puffers that many like to put in their home aquarium. These puffer fish resemble a canine and have tons of personality that is joyful to watch. More of the puffer fish facts include that they can live in tropical, brackish and fresh water so you may see them in most any type of aquarium or water.

These unique creatures are fun to watch, fun to learn about and dangerous to eat. There are many puffer fish facts and these are just a few of the more fascinating ones.

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