Pull Out Method

The pull out method is the most risky practice couples use before the end of sexual intercourse. Although it is effective to many, there is a small chance that a mishap can happen at any given time. If you decide to experiment the pull out method, carefully read on to become successful at it during every sexual act.

  1. What is the pull out method? The pull out method also known as the withdrawal method. This is what many couples use if they dislike different forms of birth control, such as condoms or contraception pills. The vagina must be penetrated to use the pull out method, and before ejaculation, a man withdraws his penis from the vagina to prevent getting sperm inside the vulva.
  2. Practice makes perfect. It takes sexual experience and great self-control to use the pull out method effectively. It is extremely important to know your body and your response during a sexual act and when you are about to ejaculate. For all men, especially the less experienced, it is natural to have a huge urge to ejaculate inside a woman's vagina without a use of a condom; however, to successfully be in full control of your orgasm, pull out quickly when you feel an ejaculation about to happen. It is also best to urinate before sexual intercourse to avoid premature ejaculation or practice controlling your penis from ejaculating earlier than expected during masturbation. It helps greatly to avoid premature ejaculation to avoid pregnancy when using these techniques.
  3. Is the pull out method safe? The pull out method is safe for men who are free from sexually transmitted diseases and is in a monogamous relationship with their partner. Although the pull put method isn't 100 percent effective, practicing withdrawing your penis in time and preventing pre-ejaculation leads to a minimum chance of pregnancy occurring.



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