Puma Rifles

The Puma Rifles are manufactured by a company named Chiappa (say ke appa) Firearms in Azzano Mella, Italy. Puma rifles are used mostly for competition, reenactments, recreation, and game sport. Keep in mind that the two most popular are the series M92 normally a 20” barrel and M86 normally a 22” or 26” barrel. Read on to learn more about Puma rifles.

  1. Puma Long Rifle Black Synthetic Stock. Model PPS22WC50.This Puma rifle has a black finish and weights six pounds with a barrel length that is sixteen inches long. It has a standard trigger that will fire at a 50 + 1 round total capacity. With an overall length of 33 1/2 inches, this semi-automatic rifle has a manual safety and shoots 22 caliber rounds and is very accurate.
  2. Puma 45 Long Colt Lever Action 20 inch. Model PCH57203. This rifle is made out of wood and can be found with a 16” or 20” round steel barrel. It is easy to use by operating a lever that has a manual safety. A Puma 45 rifle will fire 45 Colt caliber ammunition and shoots at a 10 + 1 capacity. Most Puma 45’s will weight at least six pounds, and are 38 inches long.
  3. Puma 45-70 Govt. 26 inch. Model number PCH61263. A Puma 45-70 is one of the more expensive rifles. This is a 26” barrel 10 +1 shot rifle with a thumb safety. It is 44 inches long and weights 7.7 pounds and is excellent for shooting game in the United States and surrounding areas. The hunter will use the 45-70 for long range shooting.
  4. Puma 44 Remington Mag Lever Action 20 inch. Model number PCH56203. A 357 caliber Remington Magnum is a very powerful weapon that has a 20 inch barrel and the capacity to shoot 10 +1 rounds. There is a manual safety on this gun and the overall length is 38 inches with a walnut finish.
  5. Puma .480 Ruger 20 inch Round Blue. Model number PUM69001. Used as a lever action rifle, with a thumb safety device and weighting about six pounds, this Ruger is ready for action and will knock down targets. It is 38 inches long and is designed as a gun to carry if you are going hunting. A 480  is very light and performs very well.
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