Pump Fake In Water Polo

To pump fake in water polo, you really need to know what you’re doing while playing the game. Water polo is water sport that’s played with one team versus the other. The idea of the game is to make the water polo ball into the net of the opposite team to score points. To confuse the other team, you can pump fake, which basically means you pretend to shoot the ball.

To complete this task, you need:

  • Water polo ball
  • Water polo nets
  • Swimming pool
  1. Get in position. Before you can pump fake in water polo, you need to be close to the other team’s goal. This will give you the perfect position to pump fake and give your team the advantage.
  2. Position the ball. Once you’re near the other team’s goal, you now need to position the ball. lace it behind your head ad a bit underneath with your elbow bent. The position should be as if you are about to shoot.
  3. Start the eggbeater stroke. In water polo, the swimming stroke used is an eggbeater-like motion. You should start this motion while facing the goal and keeping the water polo ball in position behind your head.
  4. Execute the fake pump. After you get painfully close to the goal, move your arm and bring the ball forward. This pump should look like you are just about to shoot the ball. However, when you reach the release point, do not let go of the ball.
  5. Use the fake pump to your advantage. The other team will have been expecting you to shoot, which is what they’ll have been preparing for. Now that you didn’t shoot, pull back the ball quickly and pump again, but with less force this time. Now, you can really shoot the ball into the net before the opposing team’s goalie really knows what happened.
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