Puppy Mills Facts

When you are looking for a puppy you often don’t realize all of the puppy mills facts and what actually goes on at a puppy mill. Puppy Mills are breeders that keep their dogs in inhumane conditions for nothing more than continuous breeding for profit. The animal’s health or living conditions are never in the best interest of the breeders.

  1. Profit – When it comes to puppy mills profit is the most important thing to the breeders. They raise the dogs as cheaply as possible in order to maximize their profit margins on each puppy. They are fed only minimum amounts of food and only the cheapest food available.

  2. Living Conditions – Puppy mill puppies are often kept in cages and crates and are never left to run free of get exercise. The have matted and dirty hair from lying in their own urine and feces. There generally is no heat or air conditioning so the puppies often freeze in the winter and suffer possible heat stroke in the summer.

  3. Breeding – Puppy mills continuously breed their animals starting with the first time the female comes in heat. Then, they continue breeding her each time she is in heat until she can no longer produce puppies. The female dogs are then usually discarded, killed, or sold as laboratory test subjects.

  4. Health – The health of the animals at the puppy mills is deplorable. They often don’t have up to date shots. They have poor dental health, and because they are inbred, they usually have several genetic problems which get worse with each breeding cycle.

  5. Pet Stores – Puppy mills are used to supply the puppies you would buy at a pet store. Always check the puppy’s paperwork before you purchase one to see where the puppy came from. It is common practice for pet stores to not be truthful about the origin of the puppies.



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