Quarters Drinking Game Rules

Quarters drinking game rules are as simple as they come. No thinking is necessary, just a bit of skill and possibly some concentration. Depending on the speed and skill of the players it is possible to get drunk very quickly or very slowly. A person who has played the quarters drinking game before may have an unfair advantage over someone who has not.

To follow the Quarters drinking game rules, you will need:

  • Quarters (at least 1)
  • Shallow Glass (the skinnier the glass the tougher the drinking game)
  • Alcohol

Now for the Quarters drinking game rules:

  1. All players should sit or stand around a table or bar. Any hard surface will work.
  2. Start in a clockwise motion with each player taking a turn.
  3. Bounce the quarter off of the table into the shallow glass.
  4. If you get the quarter in, instruct another player to take a drink.
  5. If you get the quarter in 3 times in a row, make a rule for the drinking game. Rules can include not saying certain words, having to take a drink before your turn, etc. If the rule gets broken, the person breaking the rules takes a drink.

Variations of the game.

  1. If the player bouncing the quarter misses, they must take a drink.
  2. If the quarter bounces off the rim, the player can take another turn.
  3. If the player misses, they can try again. However, if the quarter bounces in the second time they can tell another player to drink their entire drink. But if the quarter misses the second time the player must drink their entire drink.
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