Questions That Turn Girls On

If you want to turn a girl on, you will want to learn the best questions that turns girls on. Many men think they know the questions that will turn a girl on. The truth is, most men don't have a clue what to say to turn a girl on. Many men are not good a spontaneously asking girls questions, so it is best to know the questions that you are going to ask ahead of time. Turn a girl on by asking her one or more of these questions.

  1. "Do You Know That You Are Beautiful?" Many women are insecure and need to be told that they are beautiful. The best way to ask this to turn a girl on is to look into her eyes and run your hand through her hair when you say it.
  2. "Am I Allowed To Kiss You?" Even if you know that she wants you to kiss her, this is still a great question to ask. Asking a girl if you can kiss her will turn her on, because it will let her know that you respect her. Only kiss her once she tells you that it is all right with her.
  3. "How Was Your Day?" Many men are shocked to find out this simple question will turn a girl on. Many girls are givers by nature. Asking a girl how her day was will make her feel like she is special. The more special you can make her feel, the more she will be turned on by you.
  4. "Do You think I Will Be A Good Father?" Most girls are always thinking about the future. Talking to a girl about children will make her believe that you are committed for the long term. Tread carefully when asking this question. Only ask it if you indeed see a future will this girl.
  5. "Do You Know How Bad I Want You?" Just like guys, girls need to know that they are desired sexually. Just hearing the words that they are wanted will be enough to turn her on and send her over the edge. To turn her on even more, whisper the words slowing into her ear.
  6. "What Would You Like to Do This Weekend?" Sounds corny, but hearing a guy ask what they want to do turns girls on all the time. This shows a girl that you are not selfish and you care about what she wants to do. Of course, you need to follow through and actually do what she suggests.
  7. "What Can I Do To Make Everything Better?" Many times, girls feel overwhelmed with life. Even if you cannot make everything better, just knowing that you want to try will turn her on. Knowing that you want to make things better for her will make her feel more relaxed which will make it easier for her to be turned on by you.
  8. "Do You Know How Much I Love You?" This question is one of the biggest turn ons for a girl, so remember it. You will only want to use this question if you actually do love her. If you say this and mean it, she will not be able to keep her hands off you.
  9. "Would You Like A Back Rub?" Women just love to be pampered. One of the best things this question that will turn a girl on is that she will probably offer to return the favor to you. You get a double benefit by asking her this, because she will be turned on by the question and you will get the opportunity to put your hands all over you.
  10. "What Are Your Dreams?" This question will turn a girl on, because by asking it you will be making her feel special. Besides turning her on, you will have the added bonus of knowing if you have any common dreams. To turn her on even further, point out the common dreams that you share.
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