Quick Intro: Bauer Hockey

Here is a quick intro to Bauer Hockey. Named after hockey player Bobby Bauer, it is a world known brand of ice hockey equipment. They were the first company to launch an innovative hockey skate with blade attached to the boot.

Bauer hockey is the name that is seen plastered all around the hockey ground. Their fame is a contribution of ice hockey legend Bobby Bauer who started his career from Ontario hockey league. Bauer was the one who assisted in devising the famous “Bauer Supreme”. Before their innovative design, skating was done with foot gear in which the blade and boot were attached separately. This made skates heavier and increased control effort and friction. Bauer hockey was responsible for producing ice hockey equipment with a lighter skate and the blade directly attached to the boot. This new design was named “Bauer Supreme”.

From the 1940s to the end of 1960s, the George Tackaberry boot stole the thunder. To deal with this, Bauer hockey hired Bobby Hull to endorse their product. This advertisement maneuver hauled fame back to their court. A milestone of the Bauer hockey brand is their affiliation with Nike brand for some time. In 2006, Bauer produced another tempting design with the help of Nike called “Nike Bauer Supreme One 90”. This was the first time in history that Nike had attached another name with them. This however did not last long but it did leave Bauer’s mark on history as ice hockey equipment experts.

Bauer hockey is the ice hockey production unit of the Bauer group of companies. Bauer is world renowned for ice hockey gear manufacturers.


Bauer Hockey

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