Quick Intro: History Of Aston Martin

One make of cars that is well known is the Aston Martin and a quick intro into the history of Aston Martin is an interesting one. Though the Aston Martin may not be as well known as some other cars, the Aston Martin is well known for cars such as the Aston Martin DB5 which is well known for being the James Bond car. The DB5 has shown up in quite a few different movies. The Aston Martin was started in 1914 by two guys named Lionel Martin and Robert Bramford.

Lionel and Robert worked on their cars in a little workshop that was located in West London. The name of Martin was added to the company a little bit after Robert Bramford decided to retire early. After that, the ownership of the company had switched to quite a few people till it was then bought in 1947 by a man named David Brown.

The DB4, when it came out, gave the Ferrari 250GTO a challenge in racing, and the DB4 also had plenty of sales. Then there was the DB5 which, with its influence in the movies, earned Aston Martin the title of the finest British Luxury Performance Car. Then there were more problems in the '70s with the company changing hands quite a few more times.

Nothing really happened with the Aston Martin until 1987 when Ford bought 75% of the shares in the company. After Ford bought the shares, Aston Martin then began work on the DB7 which they sold many in the coming years. This success made Ford serious about the production of Aston Martin. Aston Martin was doing well until Ford finally sold it in 2008 to a group of investors, since Ford needed the money.








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