Quick Intro: History Of Ferrari

A quick intro to the history of Ferrari shows that this is one of the most well known car brands in the world. Not only are Ferrari’s well-known, they are also some of the fastest and most expensive cars there are. Most people do now know the history of the Ferrari. The biggest thing that people know about Ferrari is that it is from Italy.

The line of Ferrari cars was started by Enzo Ferrari. Enzo was born in the year 1898 in Modena. Enzo Ferrari did not start making cars until after WWII. His first car that had the title of Ferrari was the Tipo 125 which was made in 1947. The Tipo 125 was designed as a racing car, and for the next twenty years, Enzo made racing cars in the 250GT Series.

So that Enzo could continue making racing cars, he needed funding since making cars is an expensive venture, though making cars for consumers was not exactly what he wished to do. Enzo did end up designing road cars for customers. It was not till around the 60’s that there was a car company that could challenge Ferrari. This was Lamborghini, but Ferrari then introduced the Daytona and took back the title for the world’s fastest car.

The last Ferrari that was made by Enzo Ferrari was made in 1987 right before Enzo passed away. This last car was the F40; this car was the last great work by Enzo. Not only was it Enzo’s last car but the F40 beat the Porsche 959 to once again claim the world’s fastest car title. The legacy of Enzo Ferrari will live on in the cars that he left behind and the new Ferraris of the future.





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