Quick Intro: Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Scandal

The Lauren Conrad sex tape scandal unfolded during the third season of “The Hills.” A nasty rumor spread that Lauren starred in a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler. Lauren swore the rumors were false and blamed Spencer Pratt for spreading the lie.

It’s no secret that Lauren and Spencer couldn’t stand each other. She believed him a player and didn’t approve of his relationship with Heidi. The growing animosity between the two lead Lauren to believe he was the rumor-starting culprit. Soon after the rumor was revealed, Lauren was accused of breaking into Jason Wahler’s apartment to steal the sex tape, which Lauren denied doing. The rest of the season passed with increasing tension between the three and a huge rife coming between best friends, Lauren and Heidi. Some people speculate that a sex tape never existed, calling it a PR move. No one is sure if the move was to keep the spotlight on Lauren or bring Heidi and Spencer into the limelight.

Towards the end of Season Five, Lauren received a phone call from Spencer who apologized for spreading the sex tape rumors. He wanted her to put her feelings toward him aside and come to his and Heidi’s wedding, because Heidi wanted her there.  Lauren attended the wedding and left the show soon after. After her contract was over, Lauren made an appearance on “The View” and was asked about the apology. She told “The View” that she was not on the other line when the call was made, it was all staged and she never received an apology from Spencer.

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