Quick Intro: Rob Dyrdek

Here's a quick intro to Robert Stanley Dyrdek, or Rob Dyrdek, an icon in the skating world. In addition to his skating career, he has established himself as a businessman.

Rob was born on June 28, 1974 in Kettering, Ohio. His parents, Patty and Gene, supported his enthusiasm for skateboarding when he started skating at 12 years old. He won his first competition less than a month after picking up that first skateboard.

As his skating career began to flourish, Rob opted to skip his senior year in high school to become a professional skateboarder. That led to him being one of the founding members of Alien Workshop, an Ohio-based skateboarding team. In 1991, as part of an Alien Workshop production, Rob was featured in a film entitled "Memory Screen". It was then that many took notice of Rob and his abilities.

In an effort to further his professional career, Rob moved to San Diego in 1994. Once there, he began to get offers to skate in more films, and he decided to open a business that he called TF, or Training Facility. Shortly thereafter, other professionals and skateboard manufacturers began to establish similar facilities.

Rob then met his friend Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin. This turned out to be an important part of Rob’s career. Big was hired to keep people away from Rob when he was skating in various locations for a DC Shoes film. This lead to the MTV hit "Rob & Big". Once Big started a family, MTV then started to air "Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory".

Despite his successes so far, Rob hasn’t given up on improving skating. He has built skate parks that are modeled after city streets. He started the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation, which opened a new skate park in Rob’s hometown, as well as other cities.

Staying true to his arm tattoo that reads ‘Relentless’, Rob Dyrdek continues to find new pursuits and skating-related causes to pursue.





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