Quick Intro: Rodney Mullen

If you are not sure who Rodney Mullen is, this Quick Intro: Rodney Mullen will help you get acquainted with this legendary street skater. When thinking about basketball Michael Jordan comes to mind, baseball Babe Ruth, football Joe Montana, and Rodney Mullen comes to mind any time skateboarding is brought up. John Rodney Mullen has by far become the biggest, most influential skate boarders in history.

Rodney was born August 17, 1966 in Gainesville, Florida. In January 1977 at the age of ten Rodney Mullen got his first skateboard , under the strict terms made by his father. If he got injured he would have to stop skateboarding. Nine months after he began skateboarding Rodney's talent was quickly spotted and he was sponsored by Walker Skateboards. During Rodney Mullen's first sponsorship from 1977 to 1980 he got first place in just about all the 30 competitions he participated in.

When Mullen was only thirteen in 1980 he became pro, when he took first place at the Oasis Nationals in California. After going pro Rodney began skating for the renowned Powell Peralta Bones Brigade team. Stacy Peralta became his coach under the new sponsorship. During ten straight years and 34 freestyle competitions Rodney Mullen only received second place once. Making his record the best record in skateboarding history.

Rodney Mullen invented over 30 skateboard tricks. Some of the most popular include the flatground ollie, kickflip, heelflip, and the 360 flip. Many of his inventions have had such a large impact on skateboarding, they are still used everyday by professional and amateur skate boarders. The most important invention in skateboarding history was invented my Rodney Mullen, it is the street ollie. This invention alone has made him the best skateboarder if all time.

Mullen is a true skateboarding icon. He has changed the sport in many ways, he has shown the world skateboard moves they never imagined possible, and many may never be able to be out done or duplicated. Rodney makes skateboarding look effortless and flawless like no other.



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