Quick Intro: UK Bboy Championship

Dive into the world of the bboys with our quick intro UK Bboy Championship. From its inception in 1996, the sole purpose of the UK Bboy Championship is to shine a spotlight on the best bboys and dance crews on the planet. The UK Bboy Championship holds competitions for every type of bboy: from poppers, lockers, group battles, solo battles and even a fashion battle called the "Fresh Awards." The winners in each area of competition are judged by a combination of audience reactions and scores from the judges. The UK Bboy Championship judges are usually famous bboys, bgirls and former title holders. The winners of the UK Bboy Championship are rewarded for their skills with prize money, swag and, the best prize of all, some serious street cred. Winning the UK Bboy Championship can open the doors to international fame, fortune and sponsorship to the bboys and bgirls that bring home the the crowns.

The UK Bboy Championship is broken into four sections; International Qualifiers, The Regional Conflict Series, Eliminations and the World Finals. Each section has a place for poppers, Lockers, solo bboys and bgirls, dance crews, footwork and fashion. The first step to the UK Boy Championship is the International Qualifiers. The International Qualifier's are held in major cities all over the world and provide a pool of the best bboys, bgirls and dance crews from all over the world to compete in the UK Bboy Championship. The Regional Conflict Series is the local version of the International Qualifiers. The Regional Conflict Series is open to bboys, bgirls and dance crews all over the UK making sure that there is no shortage of local talent from Scotland, England and Wales.

The winners of the International Qualifiers and the Regional Conflict Series will all move onto the Eliminations. The Eliminations is where the best of the best compete for a chance at the World Finals. The Eliminations are held at London's Shepard's Bush Empire and leads up to the World Finals and the crowning of a champion for the individual categories. The Elimination continues until there are two competitors left in each category. The winners from each category will compete in the World Finals and the ultimate battle of the UK Boy Championship. 

At the World Finals, the best of the best will compete for the title, prize money, swag and street cred that accompanies a win at the UK Bboy Championship. The crowd's reaction, combined with scores from the judges, will determine the winner of the UK Bboy Championship. Overall, winning the UK Bboy Championship is not going to make any of the competitors rich, but winning at such a prestigious competition can expose the bboys and dance crews to people that can give them sponsorships that can bring in the big bucks. For fans of hip-hop, the UK Bboy Championship is an opportunity for the best dance crews and bboys in action.
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