Quick Trim Side Effects

While the claims of quick weight loss and positive customer testimonials may tempt you to grab some Quick Trim, you should be aware of Quick Trim side effects before putting your money down. Quick Trim is a weight loss supplement endorsed by the Kardashian sisters. Like any other dietary supplement, the product isn’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which means that its effectiveness and safety haven’t been proven. Speak to your doctor before taking any of the Quick Trim products to ensure that you don’t have any medical conditions that may interact with the supplements.

  1. Gastrointestinal side effects. Constipation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are all side effects of taking the Quick Trim system of products. Heartburn or indigestion is also possible after drinking the Quick Trim drink mix. One of the most prominent dangers of these gastrointestinal side effects is the risk of dehydration due to fluid loss as a result of diarrhea and vomiting.
  2. Cardiovascular side effects. Rapid heart rate, often well into the range of tachycardia, as well as increased blood pressure may occur when taking this product. Quick Trim products contain caffeine, which may account for these symptoms. Because of the seriousness of these side effects, stop taking the product if you experience them. A trip to the emergency room may be necessary.
  3. Other side effects. Dizziness and feeling jittery are also possible when taking any of the Quick Trim products. These symptoms may be able to be minimized by reducing the number of pills and servings of the other products you take each day; however, in people who are sensitive to caffeine, stopping the products all together is advisable.
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