Quinceanera Themes

Quinceanera is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so parents and planners should carefully consider Quinceanera themes. Sometimes called Fiesta Quinceanera, this festive event celebrates a girl’s fifteenth birthday in Latin America and countries with Hispanic immigrants. The special occasion marks the transition from childhood to womanhood.

During a Quinceanera celebration, the birthday girl dresses to the nines in a formal gown reminiscent of a princess or bride. She gets all dolled up for the occasion, with fancy nails, hairstyle and makeup. Traditionally, it is the first time the teenager wears makeup. The momentous occasion usually includes a Catholic Mass and a fiesta, including a dinner party and formal dance. The teenager usually receives a necklace or rosary that has been blessed by the church clergy. She is crowned with a tiara to remind her loved ones that she will always be their princess.

Are you planning a Quinceanera for your daughter, a close relative or a friend? When it comes to Quinceanera themes, the possibilities are endless. Here are five fun themes to consider for the special event.

  1. Princess Theme. The princess theme is the perfect choice for celebrating the birthday girl who is the day’s “princess.” Model the celebration after a classic fairy tale like Cinderella or choose something a little different, like a "Lord of the Rings" princess story. Formal gowns for proms and debutante balls are the best choices for a Quinceanera princess. Stage a fairy tale kingdom at the fiesta venue, complete with magic wands, suits of armor and even a castle.
  2. Hawaiian Beach Theme. A Hawaiian beach or luau theme is another great idea for a Quinceanera. Beach-themed party decorations abound with items crafted from seashells, sea glass, sand, tropical flowers, palm trees and bamboo stands. Celebrity summer party attire is a great model for the birthday girl’s formal wear and footwear. Whether the party is indoors or out, turn the Quinceanera into a tropical paradise.
  3. Victorian Theme. For a Victorian-themed Quinceanera, imagine lace dresses and waltzes inspired by the “Titanic” film. The 1800s Victorian era was a time of great luxury, so this theme goes well with big-budget celebrations. A lavish mansion, hotel or rose garden provides the perfect venue. Consider a tea-style menu. Decorations should include roses, ribbons, pearls, cameos and other vintage items. A light-colored, flowing gown adorned with lace is the perfect choice for formal wear. The birthday girl can accessorize her gown with lace gloves, lace-up boots, a fancy hat, parasol or fan.
  4. Renaissance Theme. For something a little different, consider planning a renaissance Quinceanera. A medieval or renaissance faire costume is the perfect solution for the birthday girl’s dress. When decorating the party venue, think monks, knights and fair ladies, medieval weapons, trumpets and coats of arms. Create a fantasy castle for the Quinceanera royalty.
  5. Mardi Gras Theme. Mardi Gras fun theme for a Quinceanera party. The fun celebration of crazy costumes and wild makeup make this theme perfect for a girl who wants a magnificent carnival to celebrate her day. Think beads and glitter, hats and masks to decorate for the party. The birthday girl can even make a grand entrance sitting on the back of a convertible, tossing beads to her guests.
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