Quinceanera Traditions

From gowns to flowers, Quinceanera traditions still remains strong. Quinceanera is one of the most important celebrations in the life of a young Mexican girl. On her fifteenth birthday, a girl celebrates her passage to womanhood, gives thanks to God and is presented to the community as a woman. Although some Quinceanera traditions have changed, most customs such as the party, mass, gifts and more remain the same.

  1. Mass to give thanks. The Quinceanera celebration will start with a mass to give thanks for a completed childhood. The young woman, whom will be wearing a pastel gown accented with jewelry from her godparents, will be seated at a church altar. Quinceanera mass ceremonies welcomes the young woman to the new life of adulthood.
  2. Flowers and the tiara. The young woman will leave flowers to the Virgin of Guadalupe after she completes the mass. Artificial flowers are not accepted, so the flowers must be real. After leaving the flowers, the mother will bestow a tiara to the young woman. The tiara is meant to remind the young woman that she will always be a princess to her immediate family.
  3. Party. Traditional Quinceanera parties will last for six hours, include all of the family, have a large cake, live band, formal dinner and toasts. The most important part of the party is when the young woman enters the room; all the guests anticipate this moment known as the "coming out." During the party, parents will tell their daughter a special, wise message that will help her with adulthood.
  4. Receiving gifts. A young woman will traditionally receive countless gifts on her Quinceanera day. Gift giving starts after the mass and continues until the end of the party. The passage to womanhood is celebrated with extravagant gifts that will help the young woman with school, social life and work.
  5. Changing flats to high heels. One of the most important Quinceanera traditions is when the father changes the flats to high heels. The young woman will not wear high heels or makeup until her Quinceanera, so the moment her father takes off the flats to put on new high heels is very special.
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