Quinoa Nutrition Facts

If you browse the bulk bins at health food stores, hang out with vegetarians or pump iron at the gym, you have probably heard of the super food quinoa, but before you try it, you need to know some quinoa nutrition facts. You have so much quinoa nutrition to gain and nothing to lose, so learn how quinoa earns its super food reputation.

  1. Fuel Up: One up of cooked quinoa fuels your body with 222 calories, according to the Nutrition Data website. Pair it up with fruit in the morning or veggies for lunch and dinner, and you have plenty of calories for a workout or a tough meeting at work.
  2. High Fiber: If you like a little, ahem, regularity in your daily routine, this quinoa nutritional fact will make you happy: Quinoa is high in fiber, which keeps your colon clean. Quinoa's fiber also means you will feel fuller for longer and avoid the sugar highs and crashes of lower-fiber carbohydrates. 
  3. High Protein: There's a reason muscle heads, fitness fanatics and vegetarians all love quinoa's nutrition profile. It provides more muscle-boosting protein than any other grain, a whopping 8.1 grams per one cup of cooked quinoa, says the Nutrition Data website. So go ahead and cave to your carbohydrate craving; just do it with quinoa for the biggest bang for your buck. Better yet, quinoa supplies you every essential amino acid, making it a complete protein without the need for meat.
  4. Gluten Free: If you can't eat gluten, you have to cross many grains off your shopping list, but not quinoa. Perhaps the best quinoa nutrition fact is that it's gluten free, making it a celiac sufferer's dream come true. You can use it in place of oatmeal, wheat farina and many other grains.
  5. Zinc: No more sucking on sugary zinc lozenges, because now you can score thirteen percent of your daily recommended allowance from one cup of cooked quinoa, according to nutritional analysis on the Nutrition Data website. That's a nutritional fact to remember next cold and flu season, because zinc helps keep your immune system going strong.
  6. Folate: If you lie awake at night worrying about colon cancer, this quinoa nutrition fact will ease your fears. One cup of cooked quinoa contains nineteen percent of your daily recommended intake of folate, an amount tough to find in many foods. Folate fights mutations in DNA, helping to keep your colon—and the rest of your body—healthy and cancer-free.
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