Quotes From Songs About Relationships

Quotes from songs about relationships are often dead-on about the way we are feeling. Sometimes, the quotes from songs about relationships make us want to laugh or smile, and sometimes the quotes from songs about relationships even make us want to cry. More often than not, the quotes from songs about relationships are based on real life feelings that the song writer has felt.

  1. "Turn out the lights, the competition's over. The stubborn souls are the losers here tonight," from "Foolish Pride" by Travis Tritt. This song explains what can happen when you have two stubborn people in a relationship who believe they are always right. When no one can man up to say they are sorry and mean it, your pride kicks in and your relationship goes down the drain leaving each of your heartbroken.
  2. "So pour me another one, I'm finished with the other one, I'm drinkin' my baby goodbye," from "Drinkin' My baby Goodbye" by The Charlie Daniels Band. When a relationship ends, more often than not, one person involved goes to the bar to drink their feelings away. Hiding themselves in a bottle to dull their feelings and forget about the hurt they have felt or caused, this song puts an upbeat tune to a sad situation. 
  3. "You're the one who held me up, Never let me fall. You're the one who saw me through through it all," from "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion. This song is the ulitmate tribute to the one person who has made the biggest impression on your life. The person who made you want to be a better person. The person who gave their all to make sure you were safe, happy and secure. The person who would move mountains and cross the ocean for you. Through the good and the bad, this person is the one who has seen you at your worst and has loved you anyways.
  4. "We gain a lot of ground cuz we both give a little. Aint no road to long when we meet in the middle," from "Meet in the Middle" by Diamond Rio. They hit the nail on the head with this song. This quote is what every relationship should be about, compromise and finding that middle ground that you can both agree on. Relationships aren't one sided and one person isn't always right. If you meet in the middle, you will find that life can be much happier.
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