R. Kelly Sex Tapes

Learn about R. Kelly sex tapes and his strange attraction to underage girls. He’s known to all by his stage name R. Kelly, but his real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly. Kelly is an amazing R&B singer, astonishing song writer and producer with a very lucrative career, but his personal life has been anything but incredible. R. Kelly has been marked as a child predator. He’s been connected with several sex scandals involving minors. 

  1. R. Kelly was allegedly married to the late Aaliyah when she was still a minor; but the marriage was later annulled. Kelly seems to have a history of seeking out young girls to fulfill his sexual desires. In 2002, an amateur sex tape was leaked over the Internet of a man resembling R. Kelly having sex with what appears to be a under age girl.
  2.  R. Kelly sex tape drama. This is not the first time Kelly has been linked with underage girls. However, this is the first time there has been so much notoriety surrounding his involvement with child pornography. Especially, after he made the foolish mistake of videotaping himself with this young minor. R. Kelly never admitted to being the man on the sex tape, he totally denied it. Kelly was indicted for lewd and sexual acts with a fourteen year old, but the charges were reduced to soliciting a minor for sex and videotaping the indecent act.
  3.  Copies of R. Kelly’s 2002 (bootleg) sex tapes have been distributed. The tapes can be purchased; illegally of course. They have been traveling the speed of light through through network sites. It’s time for Kelly to come clean and seek professional help for his fascination with underage girls. If you have a daughter that’s a minor you better keep her away from R. Kelly.
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