The Ramones: Style

The Ramones were a revolutionary band.  They no less than started the punk movement and, with it, punk fashion.  The punk look has gone through many changes since the Ramones, but the Ramones' classic punk style will remain iconic.  Here are some tips and tricks to the Ramones' style.

  1. Leather Jacket Or leather anything, really, but for an introduction into the Ramones' style, a leather jacket is key.  The best kind is vintage, of course, and motorcycle style.  In order to complete the Ramones' look, grab some pins from your favorite bands, or just some designs you like, and pin them on.  If graphic pins aren't your bag, try plain safety pins. 
  2. Jeans The tighter, the better.  The Ramones rocked the tightest jeans of that generation, and looked good doing it.  To really encapsulate the punk look, try grabbing acid wash jeans or black jeans in this style.  Also, to be totally authentic, tear some holes in the knees. Try to get your clothes looking like you live in nothing else.
  3. Graphic Tees Preferably with a band or venue logo on them.  A snarky saying works, too.  A CBGB shirt may be your best bet.  In addition, the Ramones also sported plain tees and striped tees, which both look great under a leather jacket.
  4. Converse The Ramones were almost always photographed wearing some iconic Chuck Taylors with their punk looks.  In this case, high-tops capture more of the Ramones' essence, but low-tops work as well.  It is also acceptable to scuff and tear these shoes, to get them as grungy as possible. 
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