Random Fun Facts About Love

These random, fun facts about love make great conversation starters. Keep these in mind next time you need to break the ice at a party, strike up a conversation with a cute girl or come up with a witty post for your Facebook status.

  1. Women who consider themselves feminists are more likely to be in a relationship than those who do not. Don't be afraid of a confident, assertive woman if you are looking for a serious relationship.
  2. Statistics indicate that kissing your wife each morning could extend your life by five years. Not married? Another fun love fact is that married men are, statistically, happier and healthier than bachelors.
  3. Sixty-six percent of people say that they've fallen in love with someone they already knew more easily than someone they just met. Don't be worried about landing in the "friend zone" with that girl who you like. Statistics show that is the best spot in the dating pool.
  4. If your new girlfriend is part of the curious and/or suspicious eleven percent of women, she has checked you out online. By contrast, eight percent of men look for facts about their love online. Just to be safe, you should check yourself to see what sort of dirt would come up on a search on your name.
  5. Getting dumped makes us, for a time, want our lost partner even more than we did before. This random love fact is all a function of brain chemistry. The parts of your brain that were stimulated by the happiness of your relationship continue to be active for awhile even after you and your love part.
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