Random Questions To Ask Your Friends

There are so many different random questions to ask your friends in order to get to know them or just pass the time over a slow weekend. Whether you are just sitting around drinking or truly looking for a meaningful conversation between friends (not as likely), random questions to ask your friends are perfect, no matter what the occasion.

  1. Would you rather? Most of the time random questions to ask your friends serve some type of purpose. In this case, you are looking to find out how they would respond when given two horrible choices. These usually go something like this, “Would you rather eat a booger or lick the bottom of your own shoe?' Watch as your friends process these random questions and struggle for an answer.
  2. Have you ever? The point of these random questions to ask friends is finding out who in the group has done the worst thing. Don't just start with the simple things. If you are drinking buddies, chances are that each one of you has had a horrible hangover. However, you may want to ask who has attempted to steal the salt and pepper shakers from a restaurant, ran out with out paying the bill and ran at least three miles to attempt to locate a missing wallet; all in the same night? This will give you a good idea of just who you are hanging out with.
  3. What are you reading? While it may sound scholarly, it doesn't have to be. Random questions to ask your friends can be thinly veiled as something that sounds like a conversation normal people would have. In your case, your friends may answer the latest magazine or bathroom reader they have chosen to skim through.
  4. Who would you rather have sex with? This is by far one of the best random questions to ask your friends. If you think everyone can handle it, you can ask about some of the people that you all know. You can then move on to movie stars, musicians, and the elderly.
  5. If you had one day left, what would you do? You can choose to seek out a truly honest answer to this option for one of the random questions to ask your friends. Or they can answer with a wild set of actions that they think they can squeeze into a 24 hour period.
  6. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Everyone has thought about it so why not find out what you friends came up with. Be sure to check and see if your name comes up at all when it comes to how they choose to spend the windfall.
  7. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done? Another one of the best random questions to ask friends, this can bring everyone to tears. Not because you feel bad for the other guy but because you can't get yourself to stop laughing.
  8. Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, God or fate? This is another one of the random questions to ask your friends that seems like it may have some intellectual foundation. While it can be interesting to learn these things about another person, it can also get everyone creeped out and lead to a few more laughs.
  9. What is your ideal vehicle? Just about every guy will have an automatic answer to this random questions. If it seems like the conversation comes to a standstill, discuss whose vehicle is the fastest, with the highest quality, and with the best color combination.
  10. What would be your perfect job? Maybe not as exciting as some of the other random questions to ask friends, it can still lead to discussions about who would make more money, whether or not you could really attain the goal, and shows how a person likes to spend their time.

Random questions to ask friends can be a lot of fun and lead to interesting conversations.  

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