Random Things To Say To A Girl

Knowing some random things to say to a girl can help to break the ice. Whether you are trying to pick up a girl or just want to say something to start up a conversation, you will come off as a smooth talker if you are prepared. Don’t say things to a girl that are overly random however or you will come off looking like a flake.

  1. “Wow, this place is never this packed.” You may be stating the obvious if you say this in a bar to a girl you don’t know, however it can be an effective icebreaker. If the girl answers you that is a good sign. If she ignores you, it might be time to cruise to another spot in the room.
  2. “Is that the new i-Phone?” This is another random thing that you can say to a girl you don’t know. If you are lucky, she will smile and give you a reply. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a phone, just try to find something about her that you can use to strike up a conversation.
  3. “Look at that fool.” You can say this to a girl when someone nearby is acting like a fool. A bar is the ideal place to try this line, since there are many drunks to choose from that you can pick on. If the girl answers you then you can move on with the conversation.
  4. “How much longer is this going to take?” If you are in a line, saying this to a girl who is in the same line can help you get a conversation going. If the line has been moving slow, your odds are good since she is also probably getting a little frustrated with waiting. Don’t keep complaining though or you may sound like an impatient jerk.
  5. “Can you tell me how to get to this street?” While this may sound lame, it almost guarantees some kind of response. If you make solid eye contact and the girl is friendly, you are good to go. Regardless, if she gives you directions make sure to thank her so you look like a nice guy.
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