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Randy Moss stats validate a gifted yet inconsistent player in the National Football League. Since being drafted out of Marshall in 1998, this wide receiver has awed sports fans everywhere with his streaks of seemingly boundless talent. In a journeyman career, Moss has posted stats for Minnesota, Oakland, New England and Tennessee.

  1. Games Randy Moss’ career total of 202 games is a stat that couldn’t be much better. For his first six seasons, he played all sixteen games each year. He missed three regular season games in both 2004 and 2006, but he’s had otherwise perfect attendance.
  2. Receptions Of all Randy Moss stats, his year-to-year reception totals best reflect his performance during a particular season. Moss has hauled in 954 passes during his career. He’s broken the century mark twice, with 106 in 2002 and a career-high 111 in 2003. From there, his yearly reception totals fluctuate wildly, bottoming out with only 28 catches in 2010.
  3. Yards Moss has always been a deep-ball threat, and his yardage totals showcase his prowess. He has 14,858 receiving yards in his career, with his best season coming in 2003 when he racked up 1,632 yards. He fell off in 2010, managing only 80 yards in a stretch of eight games with the Tennessee Titans.
  4. Average Though you never know what to expect with Randy Moss’ total yardage stats, his per-catch average has always been solid. Over his career, Moss carries a 15.6 average. Oddly enough, his best overall year for this stat came in 1998. He averaged nineteen yards per catch during his rookie year.
  5. Longest Catches With his lethal combination of speed and pass-catching ability, Moss can burn a defense on any play. Excluding his off-year in 2010, he’s had at least one catch over 50 yards during each season. The longest play of his career came in 2004, when he managed an incredible 82-yard touchdown catch.
  6. Touchdowns Throughout his tenure in the NFL, Randy Moss has collected his share of receiving touchdowns. He’s found the end zone 153 times, with his peak year coming in 2007. That first season with the New England Patriots, Moss scored a whopping 23 touchdowns.
  7. Fumbles On the negative side of Randy Moss stats, a fumble can turn a big gain into a disastrous play. Overall, Moss has kept this area under control. He’s only fumbled fifteen times in his career. However, even with this reasonable total, there’s a downside. Moss has lost ten of those fumbles.
  8. Returning Given his incredible speed, it’s no surprise that Randy Moss has spent time as a return man. He’s only made two kickoff returns in his career, but his eighteen punt returns are more substantial, netting him 162 career yards. He even managed to score on a punt return in 1999, a 64-yard scamper.
  9. Rushing The deep playbooks of today’s NFL grant top talents like Moss plenty of opportunities to touch the ball. He’s got 25 rushing attempts in his career, all but two of these coming during his first six seasons. Though Moss doesn’t have a rushing touchdown to his credit, he’s racked up 159 career yards on the ground.
  10. Passing It may sound strange since he’s a wide receiver, but Randy Moss has accumulated some passing stats during his NFL residency. He has four completions in eight attempts, resulting in two touchdowns. Moss has thrown an interception as well, indicating that he’s far more comfortable on the receiving end of the pass.
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