Rapelling Harness: 5 Best

If you want comfort and security while you are climbing, you need to check out this guide to Rappelling Harness: 5 Best.  The following climbing harnesses are best for all aspects of climbing including rappelling. Most can be used indoor and outdoor.

  1. Black Diamond Chaos Climbing harness. This rappelling harness is a best  for  traditional climbing. It weighs 14 ounces and is built for comfort during long endurance climbs. This harness does not have adjustable leg straps, so make sure that you fit the leg measurements before ordering it. 
  2. Singing Rock Balance II Climbing Harness. This rappelling harness is a best buy for beginning climbers. The Singing Rock  is easy to put on and comfortable. If you happen to fall, the straps won't pinch you because they are lightly padded. The front loop is a bright red that cannot be missed, so you won’t have to worry about putting the harness on backwards or tying the rope to the wrong place. This harness is also great for taking to the rock gym.
  3. Black Diamond Alpine Bod Harness. This no frills harness is very lightweight at 14 ounces. The adjustable leg and waist straps make it easy to get in and out of. the Black Diamond Alpine Bod harness is perfect for climbers who want less bulk when alpine climbing or extreme snowboarding. This rappelling harness is also Designed to fit over several layers, and gear loops are convenient for racking. the Alpine Bod is an excellent choice for any climber or alpinist.
  4. The Arc'teryx S240 Sport Climbing Harness. This harness has a  special fabric weave which minimizes excess weight and material, while maintaining durability. This is probably not the best rappelling harness for beginners since it is 8.7oz , a beginner might not feel secure. The Arc'teryx Warp Strength Technology distributes your weight. It provides premium comfort while you hang and work the moves to the next project on your list.
  5. Arc'teryx Men's R320 Climbing Harness . Even if you are a bigger guy, you can hang out comfortably in this ultra-thin rappelling harness. The special WST constructed fabric is made to evenly distribute weight, so you won’t need the extra padding that can weight you down. Four gear loops with removable rubber molding easily hold everything you could need while climbing. This harness even has a self-locking buckle, which eliminates any chance that you would forget to double-back.
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