Raphael Saadiq: Style

Lets look at Raphael Saadiq's style. Raphael Saadiq's style is very fluid. It's very hard to pin down. This is because Raphael Saadiq's style borrows from many style genres. He blends the best elements of different style eras and creates his own timeless and unique look. He takes from the associated forms of dress of many of the musical genres that he dabbles in, past and present. So, the best way to describe Raphael Saadiq's style of dress is to use the title of one of his albums. Raphael Saadiq's style is "Instant Vintage".

  1. His Music. To understand Raphael Saadiq's style means understanding his music. Saadiq's musical influences span across the board. He's Neo Soul, he's Jazz, he's old school Rhythm and Blues. He's Hip Hop. His style of dress reflects these influences. It wouldn't be a surprise to see him rocking and old school form fitting suit with a thin tie one night and a designer tee shirt, jeans and sneakers another. His style can change like the wind. Though, the one universal theme in his style of dress is that passion to be unique, to be original.
  2. Neo Soul. Saadiq does a good job mixing pieces of different styles together to create his own unique look. He loves to wear form fitting collared shirts under button up cardigans. He'll add an off color derby and some nice jeans to complete the look. he'll also throw on some thicker framed, Michael Caine-like glasses. Very Urban-nuevo.
  3. Motown. Try the old school form fitting suit with the long tie. The pants ever so slightly elevated so the socks are barely visible. The shoes are made for dancing. Think the Temptations and you'll understand this look. Or, a 1950's jazz man smoking a thin cigarette blowing out tunes from his sax. The definition of "Instant Vintage".
  4. The Hipster. A buttoned up white collared shirt and some slick dress pants with a 1940's gangster style hat is a very chill look. It's easy to put together, and easier to look good in. This is definitely a cool look.
  5. Hip Hop. Try trendy sneakers, nice jeans and a designer tee-shirt. To top it off, throw in a trendy collared shirt to wear over the tee. Once again, it's an easy style to produce, but the look is very cool. It's very unique.
  6. Being comfortable. Raphael Saadiq's style originates from simply being himself. The articles of clothing along with his music help to, in part, define who he is. His willingness pick what he likes and throw them together in his own unique fashion shows that he's comfortable with himself.
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