Rarest Yu Gi Oh Cards

The best rarest Yu Gi Oh cards are all those cards that you would sell your mother for. These are cards that, if in your possession, will firmly establish you as the absolute and undisputed king of all the Yu Gi Oh nerd-fanboys! These Yu Gi Oh cards are definitely worth having for, unlike women, they will never reject you, cheat on you, or treat you with inconsistent and varying degrees of attention.

  1. Dust Tornado. The Dust Tornado is the best rarest Yu Gi Oh card because it allows players to destroy any trap card or continuous spell card that your opponents use against you! It is a truly ideal alternative card to pull out when compared to the more restrictive effects of the Mystical Space Typhoon move, and it also has no cost to use, perfect for when you want to concede nothing in a battle. This card is also super-effective if you want to eliminate the cards of your opponents that can prove to be a bother, such as the Dimensional Fissure or the Macro Cosmos.
  2. Black Pendant. The Black Pendant is a favorite among Yu Gi Oh fan-nerd-boys because it is ideal in a tight situation when players only have less than 500 LPs left to win. In such a situation, simply draw this Black Pendant Yu Gi Oh card and achieve a reversal quiz during a combo. The Black Pendant is also a card that plays well with other cards. Suppose you want to use it together with the Woodland Sprite? Well, not only can you, but you will also deal out 1000 points worth of damage, which is quite powerful.
  3. Maha Vailo. If players want to be very effective against several other card types, then the Maha Vailo is the card that they should make a priority of obtaining. Maha Vailo works super-excellently on Scapegoat, Mage Power, Raregold Armor, United We Stand, and Big Bang Shot. Keep in mind that a Maha Vailo always has great potential to work well in decks that employ many Equip Cards like the Shooting Star Bow or the dreaded Axe of Despair. Also, don't forget to use the Collected Power trap card with Maha Vailo as they work nicely together.
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