Rated R Movie Ticket Rules

These rated R movie ticket rules can answer any tricky questions you might have about screening a more adult film at a movie theater. The ticketing rules can be complicated at times, especially if you are planning to bring an older children to a rated R film and don’t want them to be refused entrance.

  1. R Means Restricted According to the MPAA, an R rating signals that the movie contains several adult situations, such as violence, drug use, sexuality, and profanity. The restricted rating means that no one under the age of 17 will be admitted into an R-rated movie without a parent or guardian who is over the age of 21.
  2. Parental Presence At most movie theaters, anyone under 17 must have a parent or guardian buy the tickets, escort them to the theater, and watch the entire movie with them. This means that parents or guardians cannot simply buy a rated R movie ticket for someone under 17 and then drop them off alone.
  3. Use Discretion The MPAA encourages parents or guardians to look up or screen the particular rated R movie before bringing a minor with them. You should factor the child’s age into your decision; an older teenager usually might find the material suitable, but young children should not ever be brought to a rated R movie, for their own benefit and also as a courtesy to other adult moviegoers, who don’t want a child interrupting the film. If you're not sure if your teenager should view a particular movie, you might want to wait until the film is released on DVD. That way you can simply stop the movie if it becomes inappropriate, rather than have to leave the theater and waste two tickets. 
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