Ravensburg, Germany Sights: 10 Best

Ravensburg, Germany is a southern German town with many of its historic, medieval buildings still intact. Many tourists come for its popular Rutenfest festival which has its roots in similar celebrations from the Middle Ages. But there are lots of other things to see while visiting; here are the 10 best sights in Ravensburg.

  1. Mehlsack Tower. Part of the network of still-standing medieval fortifications, Mehlsack Tower is the most recognizable and is also open to tourists (on Sundays over the summer) who want to climb the ramparts. Marktstraße, 88212 Ravensburg, Germany
  2. Heimatmuseum. This museum of local folklore and handcrafted, locally created art is open free to the public and gives a tangible impression of the area's deep ties to its early history and culture. Heimatmuseum. Torplatz 7, Ravensburg, Germany
  3. Karmelitenklosterkirche. This 14th century monastary is open for daily tours to the public and is a notable representation of architecture during that period.
  4. Liebfrauenkirche. The Church of Our Lady is a 14th-century parish that still has some of the original fine stained glass in the choir area and an authentic doorway on the west side of the church. Liebfrauenkirche. Mr. Street 3, Ravensburg, Germany
  5. Romantik Hotel Waldhorn Restaurant. For fine dining in the center of a centuries-old dinner, expect to pay fine dining prices in this home of celebrity chef Albert Bouley. A fixed priced seven-course dinner will run you more than $150 but the modern international cuisine (including filet of stag and duck breast salad) is highly rated and desserts are considered excellent. Romantik Hotel Waldhorn Restaurant. Marienplatz 15, Ravensburg, Germany
  6. Flappbach. For a scenic, outdoors location, the lake at Flappbach is beautiful, especially when the tree leaves are turning colors. You have the opportunity to see swans, ducks and other wildlife.
  7. Golfclub Ravensburg e.V. For some people, a vacation in a historic town like Ravensburg doesn't mean you should give up your normal comforts. If being at the green is what makes a vacation, the Golfclub Ravensburg e.V. is happy to oblige. Golfclub Ravenburg e.V. Hofgut Okatreute, Ravensburg, Germany 
  8. Städtisches Museum im Vogthaus. This sculpture and domestic life museum lives in a restored building, originally built in 1380. The artifacts inside range from the 14th to 18th century and focus on the local area's long history. Vogthaus Museum. Charlottenstrasse 36, Ravensburg, Germany
  9. Jugendherberge Veitsburg. Gardens outside a baroque castle offer both an opportunity to go hiking and to see the magnificent architecture of this little 1750 palace. The building is now used a youth hostel. Veitsburg. Veitsburgstraße 1. Ravensburg, Germany
  10. Lederhaus. This stately, Renaissance-era building was originally used as a market for shoemakers, saddlers and tanners. The 1574 Renaissance painting of the facade is the main attraction here but you can also get your errands done — because the building is now used as the town post office. Lederhaus. Schulgasse 6. Ravensburg, Germany
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