Razr V3: Tips & Tricks

Looking for Razr V3 tips and tricks? The Razr V3 is manufactured by Motorola for AT&T. The Razr V3 is a super slim cell phone that allows you to send and receive emails and text messages, browse the web, and take digital photos. The tips and tricks below will help you unleash the full power of the Razr V3,

  1. Bluetooth. Your Razr V3 is bluetooth compatible, meaning you can pair your Razr V3 with any bluetooth enabled device. This feature comes in very handy, especially if your vehicle has the ability to sync up with bluetooth compatible cell phones. To pair a bluetooth device with your Razr V3, press the "Menu" key. You will then need to select "Settings," then "Connection," then "Bluetooth." Make sure that your bluetooth device is powered on before you try to link it with your Razr V3.You may need a PIN for your bluetooth device. The default PIN for most devices is 0000 or 1234, but refer to the owners manual of that device for more information.
  2. Phonebook. The Razr V3 is able to hold 1,000 phonebook contacts on the phone itself, and an additional 250 contacts on the SIM card. Using the phonebook is a great way to keep track of family, friends, and business contacts. You can enter a lot of useful information in the phonebook, such as multiple phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses. To add a phonebook contact, press the "Menu" key and then select "Contacts," then "New Entry." You will be able to enter a name, phone number, etc. in the screen that appears. Select "Save" when you are finished.
  3. Personalization. You are able to personalize the home screen of your Razr V3 to fit your needs. You can change which shortcut icons are displayed, swap out our wallpaper, etc. To do this, press the "Menu" key and scroll to "Settings." From there, you will need to select "Personalize" and then select whichever portion of the home screen that you wish to personalize.
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