Real Player Alternative

If you are looking for a Real Player alternative to the popular media player, there are plenty of choices.  Real Player has caught a great deal of criticism for its ads, taking over priveledges to certain file types, and other nuissances. 

  1. Windows Media Player.  Windows users, obviously, will have easy access to this pre-installed media player.  Easy to use and with plenty of versatility, you could do much worse than to use the standard on PCs.
  2. iTunes.  Love it or hate it, iTunes will continue to be a popular media player.  Its necessity for the long range of "iDevices," if you will, is part of the frustration, along with some of its quirks.  It, like Windows Media Player, can handle a wide range of media types and help you organize it all.
  3. Winamp.  You may remember Winamp back in the day, as it was one of the media players to handle MP3 files when they were new.  Today it has matured quite well, and now functions as a complete media player.  It offers a rather complete free version and a paid one as well.
  4. JetAudio.  Able to play audio and video files, JetAudio is a great alternative to Real Player and the "standard" media players that you have likely come across.  Its integrated file format converter and recording facility are nice touches.
  5. Media Jukebox.  Media Jukebox rounds out the list of great Real Player alternatives.  You can access the Amazon MP3 store, Last.FM, and podcast websites.  Of course, you have a fully-functional media player at your disposal with this impressive program.
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