‘Real World’: Where Are They Now?

People often claim that reality show stars are famous for no reason, but truth be told, a reality show gig can open doors, as revealed in this guide to Real World: where are they now? Former “Real World” cast members have landed everything from movie roles to congressional seats, and some have helped create positive change in their communities, too. Remember these “Real World” cast accomplishments next time someone asks, “Real World: where are they now?”

  1. Sean Duffy. “Real World” stars are thrown into a house with a bunch of strangers and forced to get along, so what better place for one of them to end up than the House of Representatives? If you are wondering where “Real World: Boston” star Sean Duffy is now, try Wisconsin’s 7th District, where he won a seat in the 2010 election. Duffy also just happens to be married to “Real World: San Francisco” star Rachel Campos.
  2. Jamie Chung. If you have ever wondered where the “Real World: San Diego” cast is now, take heart. At least one cast member is a budding actress. "Real World" alum Jamie Chung not only went on to star in the “Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II,” but she also landed a role in “Hangover 2,” joining Bradley Cooper and even Liam Neeson, who has a cameo in the film.
  3. Teck Holmes. With its grueling auditions, landing a spot on “Real World” may feel like winning a game show. So when you ask where former Real World star Teck Holmes is now, it should come as no surprise that he is hosting game show “Hole in the Wall” on the Cartoon Network.
  4. Kevin Powell. Who says reality show stars cannot make an impact on the real world? Kevin Powell, star of the first season of MTV’s “Real World” has gone on to become a successful public speaker and activist, lending his voice to civil rights and corporate responsibility issues. This former Real World” star stays active in the arts as well, producing a documentary for MTV focusing on Los Angeles after the riots and acting as a guest curator for the “Hip-Hop Nation: Roots, Rhymes, and Rage”exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.
  5. Coral Smith. When asking where “Real World” stars are now, you might be surprised at the big difference between life on the screen and life in the, well, real world. Coral Smith, star of “The Real World: Back to New York” came out of the closet in a 2007 interview with “Outlook Magazine,” surprising fans who watched her dating men on “Real World” episodes back in the day.
  6. Mike Manning. When imagining where “Real World” cast members are now, you might not think about the Human Rights Campaign or university speeches, but Mike Manning has kept busy with both. This former “Real World” cast member from Season 23 in Washington, DC, is now a gay right activist. He even gave a speech at Arizona State University in 2010 to celebrate National Coming Out Day.
  7. Matt Smith. Like father, like daughter: The baby daughter of former “Real World: New Orleans” cast member Matt Smith knows how to make a splash in the real world. When Smith was driving his wife to the hospital to give birth, her labor went a little more quickly than planned. Smith’s daughter Stella made her real-world debut on a roadside in Arizona, with her daddy helping the delivery. So next time you wonder where "Real World" cast members are now, consider that they live in the real world too–with babies, spouses and family.
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