Reason People Would Think A Man Needs A Girlfriend

What's the reason people would think a man needs a girlfriend? Nosey people always feel the need to interject their ideas about others. They think they know so much about you and they can't even get their own lives in order. There are a few reasons that these types of people would think a man needs a girlfriend. Most of the time these reasons are just as shallow as the people that come up with them. You don't need a girlfriend. A girlfriend is someone you want, but you don't need a girlfriend to get by. As a matter of fact, if you did need a girlfriend to help you function normally, that girlfriend isn't going to last all that long. So what are they? What are the reasons that people would assume that a man needs a girlfriend?

  1. If you're junky. You ever hear the saying, "It needs a woman's touch"? Well, people say stuff like that when someone's too sloppy or when their personal style is perceived to be lacking. Oh and people love to say this about your home as well. In this case, you don't necessarily need a girlfriend to improve your style, but women are perceived to be more orderly and stylish than heterosexual males. That's all it is. People assume that straight males are missing the gene for neatness and style.
  2. If you're overly aggressive or mad all of the time. If your disposition is usually one filled with anger and negativity, you'll be pegged as a man that needs a girlfriend. More specifically, you be pegged as the dude that needs to get laid. The assumption is, if you get laid on a regular basis, you'll be a lot calmer. While this may be true, what happens if you date a girl that's not giving it up that often? You know what? The gym can relieve the same amount of pent up aggression that sex can. Even if the sex is more fun.
  3. If you're a player. Oh, yeah. This is a big one! If you're into juggling girls and having the sexual time of your life, many of your friends on lockdown with one person will fire the "you need to settle down" arrow at you. They assume that the "right" woman will get you to chill out. You know just as well as the next man that no one can settle you down until you're ready. Period. Pay no attention to your inmate friends. Here's a secret: They probably wish they were in your shoes.
  4. Too wild. This goes along with the so called calming effect that women have over men. If you're a thrill seeker, adrenaline junky, bungee cord jumping or skydiving fiend, you'll probably here the "man, you need a girlfriend" speech. Knowing you, you'll find a girl just as wild as you are. Once again, a man only calms down when the man is ready. There is no negotiation here.
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