Reasons For Leaving Current Job

In every situation, there always reasons for leaving your current job. The problem is that your reasons for leaving your current job may not make you an a appealing candidate to a different employer. That is why you should understand the good reasons for leaving a current job before you decide to make that move.

  1. No room for advancement. If you are in a small company, then one of the reasons for leaving your current job may be that there is no more room for you to move up. The company is not creating new opportunities and you are as high on the company ladder as you will get. This shows ambition and can sound very good to a prospective employer.
  2. Need more of a challenge. When you first took your current job, it may have provided you all of the challenge you needed in your career. But, as time went by, the position became more of a routine than a challenge and now you are using that as a reason for leaving your current job. Employment candidates that want a constant challenge are welcome additions to growing companies.
  3. Want a better match for my qualifications. It is common to find people working jobs to make a living that they did not train for. If your degree is in civil engineering and you are selling cars to make a living, then you will want to find something that is more suitable to your background. Looking for a position that you are actually interested in is a good reaon for leaving your current job.
  4. Company is relocating or going out of business. This is only a valid reason to leave your current job if the company you are working for has actually made an official announcement about the pending change. If you suspect that a change may be coming but are not sure, then it is best to stay put. Companies do not feel comfortable hiring employees that jump ship at the slightest sign of trouble.
  5. Unhappy with company direction. If you are continually passed over for promotions and your current company makes announcements and promises that it does not keep, then you may feel inclined to leave. Keep in mind that these kinds of things can happen at any company, so if you plan on using this as a reason to leave your current company then you will want to make sure that the cases are extreme and would generate sympathy for you from a prospective employer.
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