Reasons For Leaving A Job

The reasons for leaving a job can be different for each individual. It can be a complicated decision and it is usually one that has been mulled over for long periods of time before it is decided. Below are a list of common reasons for leaving a job.

  1. Better pay. Many people leave work because they are not happy with the wages they are receiving. They feel as though the value of the work they are performing is better than what they are getting paid. When an increase in pay has been asked for but has been denied, many people start to look for a different opportunity in their field of work.
  2. A lack of managerial support. This can come on a variety of levels. Managers may not train staff properly, which makes it difficult to learn the proper way to do the job. Managers may misdirect staff and then make the staff take the blame for any mistakes that has happened because of the misdirection. Staff may not be given the support they need to deal with an unruly client and are undermined by the manager. This can create a lack of confidence in the manager and a reason for a staff person to leave.
  3. Office politics. Politics can make it very difficult to get work done in any setting. If there are rumors circulating about an employee, it can be difficult for that employee to work efficiently. It may make working undesirable for that person. Politics can make people dread working, which decreases productivity and satisfaction. It also decreases retention.
  4. Micro-managers. Managers can be suffocating when it comes to work. Some managers make it difficult to do anything and want it to be done with no regard to a person's style or accomplishments. When a micro-manager supervises employees, the employees can feel boxed in with nowhere to go and no freedom.  Many people find it easier to leave a place of work when they have a hard time with this management style.
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